...and the band played on

Keith Brooking and Michael Boley are now officially with the Cowboys and Giants and the Falcons have taken a major hit to keeping their team competitive next year.



   Curtis Lofton, the second year middle linebacker is suddenly the veteran of the Falcons line backing corps in just one day.

 I have to voice my displeasure with the Falcons organization for not getting at least one guy signed and I have to ask why that person wasn’t Boley?

 I liked having the last remaining piece of the ’98 Superbowl team still out there with Brooking. His fire and intensity in full display on every down, but with his skills in decline and his age sure to be an issue in a year or two I understand the Birds letting him walk after he declined their offer.

 So, now what does this mean Falcons faithful? It means that Thomas Dimitroff better know what he is doing letting two defensive leaders go. This opens the door for continued drafting on the defensive side of the ball and should provide a very interesting off season and free agent signing period.  I respect the ay this team has always been built and I will continue to do so but I can’t say that I am not just a little worried about how well the Falcons run defense will fare with such strong running teams in the NFC South.

 I have a feeling that Mike Smith and his coaches abilities are some of the teams biggest assets and it is these strengths will see us though in improving our team. The front office must better like the talent either in the draft or on the roster now because these players sure look to be missed.

                                                                                   The Bird speaks!

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