Addition by subtraction Falcons style

So far the Falcons have allowed Domonique Foxworth, Keith Brooking and Michael Boley to sign with other teams.  So why is this not such a bad thing? Well it’s simple…

Compensatory picks are awarded if it is deemed that a team lost more and/or better players than they acquired during the previous year’s free-agent period. With Foxworth getting $16.5 million in guarantees from the Ravens, Boley securing at least $10 million in guarantees from the Giants and Brooking receiving an undisclosed amount from the Cowboys, the Falcons could be the ultimate winner by doing nothing, or very little, in free agency.

 I feel good to know that the Falcons can be really big players in the draft in 2010. Imagine if you will for a moment the Falcons position to acquire young talent and to trade all of those picks to teams that need to rebuild for top tier veterans!

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