Holy shit, I think I like Kurt Warner

Let me give you a little bit of insight on me for just a minute. I am a raging liberal. An anti-conservative freak of nature that wants nothing less than the destruction of the holy church and the Republican party. So when I read that Kurt Warner has proposed a 2 year $23 million deal to the Cardinalsto stay where he wants to be and, (here is the kicker folks) is willing to give the Cards a $1 million per year discount to restructure Anquan Boldin’s deal to keep him in the fold as well is just too freaking cool. 

 All of the weird off the wall crap: The Anti-stem cell research, bible in his hand at every postgame interview (seriously) and the purported virgin for 4 years of dating (ouch). I am going to let it slide and say that….

                                                      I fucking love this god damned christian

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