Welcome to the NFC South Derrick Ward

I love the running game. I always have an I always will. I think that there is no better way to win football games and for my money running backs are so much fun to watch. So, it is making me really happy to see the Bucs signing of Derrick Ward from the NY Giants. Now I am not happy that a rival team got a guy whom I happen to consider a good running back but I am happy to see a really strong trend in the NFC South…. The Running game lives here in the south baby! Here is a list of the backs he will be facing and playing with 6 weeks or more a year…. good luck bud, you are going to need it.

 Michael Turner: The class of the division and the best free agent pickup in years running around, over and through defenders and scores seemingly at will sometimes. His ability to take pressure off of Matt Ryan and open up a strong passing game makes “The Burner” a force.

 DeAngelo Williams: Wow, what a season folks. What a season and what a performance. He scored 18 TD’s, one more than Turner while sharing a lot of carries with Jonathan Stewart  Now the question is can he keep it up?

  Jonathan Stewart: I am going to be one of those guys who says ” I saw it all along” because I did. I knew he was a talent from the moment I saw his film and I will say it until he proves me wrong. Stewart is strong and fast and can he run! He is going to be a great talent for years to come and I wish he wasn’t in the division because I don’t want my birds to face him anymore than necessary.

 Earnest Graham: Not a great running back if you ask me, but I will say that he finds a way to get the job done when he is healthy, something that he has had issues with the last couple of years.

 Jerious Norwood: Speed has a name folks and it is Jerious. No one can make one cut and be gone like this guy can. NO ONE! He is strong and runs with such force that I feel like he can go the whole way any time he touches the ball. I have a feeling that the coaching staff is still finding ways to use this guy and I look forward to Norwood being a Falcons for a long long time.

 Reggie Bush: Now you may say that I am biased and listing Norwood or Graham above Bush is crazy, that is until you actually watch Bush play. You see Bush isn’t a running back, he is a small slot receiver who thinks he is a running back. He can’t run between the tackles and he goes down faster than Julius Jones. No way he is better than anyone I listed above because his play proves my point.

 Deuce Mcallister: I really thought he was a good running back. Not a great one mind you but he had a good strong body and had decent footwork but since his knee injury 2 years ago he just isn’t the same player. It is sad because many guys end up this way…


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