Thoughts on the Falcons draft needs

The off season is a fun time to be a football fan. Will your team make the right decisions or will they get a bust? It is high drama at all turns.

 The Falcons had a great season and overall the team showed depth at many positions and great coaching. But, alas we couldn’t make it past the eventual NFC Champion Cardinals.

 So free agency is in full swing and the Falcons have made some great additions: Mike Peterson is the biggest prize so far, Peterson is versatile linebacker who has strong leadership qualities and will be a welcome addition to a depleted linebacking corps. Brett Romberg is a solid center who will challenge for a starting job and add depth to the crucial offensive line.

 This is a good start for a team on the rise and the NFL draft looms large over the landscape that promises big things for the Falcons in the 2009 season. 

 So, what is next you may ask? L.J. Smith may fill the TE spot that is a need for the Falcons and the way I see things we still need at least a couple of players on the defensive side of the ball, namely another linebacker and a cornerback and safety would be nice for depth. Throw in a defensive tackle and it is obvious that defense is a much more pressing need to continue towards building a championship caliber team. 

 I have faith in Tomas Dimitroff and his drafting in 2008 is proof of the guys talent as both a talent evaluator as well and a shrewed executive.Head Coach Mike Smith inspires his players to excel through respect and the results are obvious that things are only going to get better in Atlanta.

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