Josh McDaniels you are the tool of the week!

I Don’t like the Chicago Bears. I don’t really like Jay Cutler either but I do respect his talent. First off I want to just get the first thought off my chest and say that Jay Cutler is kind of a pussy, I say that not just because of how he got himself out of Denver but because of how he carried himself while he was there too. His whiny little emo self, that haircut that looked like he was the lost member of Fall Out Boy. The guy irks me, but he does have one hell of an arm and so I respect the Bears for getting him.

 Let’s face it folks, the Chicago Bears have had some great players in their history but never, no NEVER have they had a QB worth speaking of. They have that QB now, someone who instantly puts on a Bears jersey and is their best QB in the franchises history. But let’s get down to brass tax shall we? The Bears don’t have a team that scares anyone, their receivers are decent but on the verge of sub-par, the defense is aging very quickly and the only bright side I see is Matt Forte who I believe is the next Chicago superstar.

 Denver screwed the proverbial pooch on this deal because about the only position they had sewn up on that horrid excuse for a football team was the QB position. Now they have no QB and a defense that would have trouble with a lot of pee-wee teams passing attacks.  Josh McDaniels might just earn a place in football lore as the only head coach who destroyed his team without even coaching them!

 Pat Bowlen, the Broncos owner had to send out letters of explanation to his season ticket holders because of the Cutler fiasco explaining that Cutler needed to go because he put himself above the team….. Well yeah, of course he did. He is the starting QB on a team that he was handpicked to be the second coming of Elway. Cutlerwas voted to the probowl in only his second year and the guy out passes almost everyone in the league the last few years. I am not going to say that anyone should be able to be a prima donna and put himself above his team especially in a game like football but Cutler did prove himself pretty effectively if you ask me. Now a 25 year old pro-bowl quarterback was traded to a team that has never had anyone close to his caliber in the new teams storied history and for what? His feelings got hurt!

How great would it have been to see Matt Cassel’s Chiefs square off against Cutler’s Broncos?! Talk about exciting dramatic football. The guy who the one team tried to get to replace the other guy on the other side of the field facing each other in an already huge rivalry which has lost a bit of luster the last several years. Cutler and his little whiny self robbed the AFC West something it has sorely lacked for a while…. something to talk about.

 So, here is to you Cutler, you got yourself out of Denver and on to a team that will compete for a divisional title because that division blows! and here is to the Denver Bronco’s Josh McDaniels for being the tool who gave away his franchise QB away because he couldn’t leave well enough alone to stick with the rocket armed, young,  pro-bowl caliber QB he already had on the roster. You got greedy Josh an for that you are my tool of the week!

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