Falcons draft Rounds 1-3 thoughts

The second day of the draft is the meat and potatoes part of the draft and is a make it or break it time for all teams to get the players who, while not being the big names will become the day to day playmakers and future sleepers of the league.

 The Atlanta Falcons opened with a great need pick that just happened to fall into our laps in Peria Jerry, a strong and big bodied defensive tackle and “3 technique” that Mike Smith covets. Peria will have ample time to develop and will be in a position to both learn from veteran linemen and also have time to contribute in run situations at first. A great pick and a smart one. Great job Dimitroff!

 The second round pick is Missouri Safety William Moore. Moore is someone I covered in late March as a player I would have liked to see in Atlanta and yesterday I got my wish. Moore is a strong and rangy defender who plays with a bit of a mean streak and seems to have a knack for coming down with the ball.

 The third pick is another need being addressed and this time it is at my personal favorite position cornerback. Christopher Owensplays smart and has really good coverage skills and excells in deep routes and isn’t afraid to play physically and after looking at video he plays the ball really really well, I don’t think we will be seeing too many pass interference issues with this guy at all. Remeber the name Owens because he just might be a sleeper.

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