Favre is a dick

So last summer Brett Favre forces his way out of Green Bay and onto the Jets. We all know the story but word is that now Brett Favre is angry at the Packers franchise and wants back into the NFC North. With Matthew Stafford in Detroit and Jay Cutler in Chi-town that leaves only Minnesota. Favre wants to face the Packers and beat them and to that I say this, Brett Favre you need to get a damned life man. I mean you are retired for what? 20 minutes and already you want back into the NFL again? What did the Pack ever do to you? Why are you such a little bitch?

 I always thought Favre was cool growing up. He was a tough QB who played really well and seemed like the kind of QB any franchise would want. Now it is 14 years since his championship and Favre keeps coming back like a bad horror franchise killer, only Jason Vorhees is entertaining. At this point I am just over this story before it really even gets going and I am not looking forward to listening to Sirius NFL Radio because this will be the only thing they talk about for the next several months.

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