Favre is a dick

So last summer Brett Favre forces his way out of Green Bay and onto the Jets. We all know the story but word is that now Brett Favre is angry at the Packers franchise and wants back into the NFC North. With Matthew Stafford in Detroit and Jay Cutler in Chi-town that leaves only Minnesota. Favre wants to face the Packers and beat them and to that I say this, Brett Favre you need to get a damned life man. I mean you are retired for what? 20 minutes and already you want back into the NFL again? What did the Pack ever do to you? Why are you such a little bitch?

 I always thought Favre was cool growing up. He was a tough QB who played really well and seemed like the kind of QB any franchise would want. Now it is 14 years since his championship and Favre keeps coming back like a bad horror franchise killer, only Jason Vorhees is entertaining. At this point I am just over this story before it really even gets going and I am not looking forward to listening to Sirius NFL Radio because this will be the only thing they talk about for the next several months.

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  • hutch

    Who cares? If he plays cool, the vikigns will make money. Good for them, thats the goal of an owner. Also why do people have such an opinion? If some iron worker retird 3 times no one would care. I hope he plays, eveyone of you would do it for money.
    You say you hate him? then dont think about him…I dont get it? why the fuck dont you ignore him…..whats that you cant? Have to express on a blog. Sure thats easy, no one says anything to anyones face. Just blog? Who give a shit what he chooses to do. Realy people get over it. If he was a kicker would you care.If he plays he plays, if he suck he sucks, if he does good he does good. If you cant stop talking about him he cant be that bad. Plus wouldnt you want to be in the nfl? Or would you rather just bitch on the web?

  • Mike k

    Let’s face it. Yea were tired of hearing about it. But we would like to see him come back. The guy is a legend.

  • Jackhammer

    It would be a sad day at Lambeau Field to have the 40 Bazillion former Brett Favre loyalist’s boo him as he runs on to the field in a Purple uniform. He has already lost alot of fans after publicly stating we wanted to play in 2008 for the Pack’s most hated rival.

  • Jackhammer

    This could potentially be a “Legacy damaging” move for him. Dude, Brett, give it up already.

  • seanmcnally

    Um, I think I will bitch on the web.

  • 4everbrettfan

    Come on back Brett! Purple is in this year!

  • Drake

    Brett Favre was a great quarterback. His arm strength isnt even close to what it used to be, or needs to be for that matter.
    Could be embarassing for him if he decides to come back. He should retire for good. I have lost alot of respect for the guy because he is so damn selfish.

  • Jeanna

    I’m a Packers fan by marriage, and I’m so done with Brett Favre at this point. It WAS embarrassing the first time he came out of retirement–i.e. the last several games of last season with the Jets, the ones that got Mangini fired. Remember that? He’s too old, he’s taken too many hits, and I’m sick to death of his juvenile attitude about the Pack.

    My other fear, as an Ohio native and a lifelong Browns fan, is that Mangini will bring him on as some kind of player/coach. I don’t like that open invitation for Favre to hang out at the Browns training camp. I want Brett Favre to stay on his farm and out of the NFL. He’s already tarnished his legacy with the Pack. He didn’t quit while he was ahead, but I do hope he finally really quits this time.

  • Tony

    Brett Rocks and this could be the “Greatest Comeback” in NFL history – GO FOR IT BRETT !!!!

  • sufferingBillsfan

    Whatever his on-field legacy, his actions and behavior are the dictionary definition of a ‘dick’. Allow me to explain what makes me feel this way.

    Because he felt he was unfairly treated by the Packers, he made the ‘decision’ to ‘retire’ rather than sit the bench. Fine, I’ve got no argument with that. He could have made a stink about wanting to play for another team, but instead, after a training camp holdout, a heart-wrenching, tearful press conference ‘closed’ the football chapter of his life. Its been done by many veterans with no shame or criticism.

    Until he signed with the Jets. Cheerleading interviews with Jets players and analysts’ fawning justification of his flip-flopping filled the airwaves at the expense of other football coverage. The Comeback of the King. He played 1/2 a season for the Jets (if you go by his season’s stats, not actual playing time) and retired again, to slightly muted acclamation and real little surprise. Ok. Applause, curtain falls.

    But, being the drama dick that Brett is, he spends several weeks during the summer being pursued by the Vikings and the sports press after apparently feeling ignored in Mississippi, only to whine that his body couldn’t even take training camp and he was ‘retiring’ yet again. Oh, but its for good this time. Really truly. Pinky swear.

    Not surpisingly, the overwhelming addiction to pulling repeated dick moves is too much for Brett. After two weeks (and coincidentally, the end of training camp), he signs with the Packers’ chief rival and the contract gets done the day after a single phone call persuades him out of retirement. Why in god’s name is the owner, Zigy Wilf, not working on the Middle East distraction?!?!? This guy must have a warehouse full of panties that he’s talked women out of, persuasive bastard that he just has to be. Brett’s not pleading poverty and unless he says he’s donating his $12-1/2 million salary and the bulk of his wealth to help cure cancer, this is a dick move with few, if any, equals in sports history. If his arm is rested now, it won’t be after he’s jerked off to all the renewed attention he’s getting.

    Should I care about this? The truth is, I shouldn’t. There are far more important things in the world that I should and do care about and take steps to address. Without question, he has every right do what he wishes with his life and career. But, I love watching football and following football coverage. The college season is fast approaching, I’m actually watching pre-season games of the Bills and even other teams, and high school football is just around the corner, in more ways than one for me. Just when the long, agonizing summer sports drought that is baseball was coming to an end and football coverage was ramping up, I am forced to turn away from sports or endure another chapter in the annoying soap opera that is the life of this silly dick Once again, he has managed to manipulate the coverage at the expense of stories I’d rather hear. Selfish though it may be, the spectacularly dickish way he’s done it pisses me off.

    Its been a while since I’ve felt any long-lasting, deep-seated animus towards any professional sports team or athlete. The Dolphins don’t cause me heartburn anymore unless they’re vying for the playoffs with the Bills. Well before the Bills got T.O., I was ok with him and people like Ochocinco and Allan Iverson. I’ve even stopped sneering when I hear Doug Flutie or Tony Romo mentioned in the same breath as QB’s who’ve won playoff games. Or ‘a’ playoff game. But I hope the Packers kick the shit out of the Vikings and I hope Brett lasts long enough for Minnesota to knock his dick in the dirt twice this season. I truly do. I’ve never been a Packers fan before but I’m an ardent one now. I hope they win their division, the NFC championship and lose to the Bills in the Super Bowl. Or beat any other AFC team.

    Sorry. I had to lance the mental boil in my mind that Brett Favre has become. It felt good. I’ll finish with this: Brett Favre is a dick without parallel in sports. I can’t imagine being convinced otherwise.

    Unless Zigy calls. And if he does, I hope I can hang on to my undies. As do we all, I’m sure.