Falcons beat the Bears 21-14

A really tough win in Atlanta, a very tough win. All I can say is that the Falcons got all they could handle in a game that seems all too real as something that could have gone very very wrong. Matt Ryan, after a career best game in San Francisco threw 2 interceptions and the Falcons as a whole struggled to score against a Bears defense that was stronger that I expected.


 Fantasy footballers like myself rejoiced as the big three (White, Turner, Gonzalez) all hit pay dirt. Michael Turner turned a sub par game into something good with his fourth quarter TD run from 5 yards out.  Roddy White and Tony Gonzalez scored as well and Matt Ryan was decent at 2 TD’s but it was his 2 interceptions that kept the Bears in the game down to the final climactic plays . This game lacked the drama of the game last year with a last second field goal but it was Matt Forte’s two consecutive fumbles and Orlando Pace’s false start that sealed the Bears fate.

 The Falcons face the Dallas Cowboys this Sunday in Dallas and man I cannot wait. Tune in soon and I will give you all that you need and all you can handle about the big game in the Big D!

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