Falcons win a yawner

The Redskins are one of the worst run teams in football and played so bad in the first half in the Georgia Dome today that I could swear they just packed it in. Then something happened after the half, a football game broke out!

 Clinton Portis has had an awful year, he left the game with a concussion after a 2 on 1 helmet to helmet collision in the first quarter and did not return. Jason Campbell who could not hit water if he fell out of a boat in the first half lead his offense down the field in the second half and looked impressive and tied their season high in points 17!

 I try not to rant here on Bloggingdirty.com but I will just say that the Washington Redskins are simply awful. How does a team score 17 points and have it be their season high? Jim Zorn is simply not an NFL head coach and I feel bad for him, it is like Dan “The Dark Hearted One” Snyder just thre the guy in the deep end and refuses to throw the guy a life preserver.

 The Falcons really could have lost this game and taken a huge hit against a team they should not have lost to but Michael Turner again turned in a gem with 160+ yards and 2 TD’s. It was Matt Ryan and another shaky start that kept the Redskins in this game but the better team won.

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