Mike Smith Fined $15,000 for sideline scuffle

Mike Smith is a popular guy on this blog, he is smart and he knows his football. He was involved in a minor scuffle on Sunday against former Falcon DeAngelo Hall after a minor late hit knocked Falcons star QB Matt Ryan out of bounds right next to the Atlanta bench. Words were exchanged a a possible face-mask grab and/or punch was thrown by Mike Smith.

Head coach Mike Smith of the Atlanta Falcons reacts after the offense gained a first down against the Carolina Panthers at Georgia Dome on September 20, 2009 in Atlanta, Georgia.

 Well I say HELL YES! Mike Smith already has serious brownie points and is already my favorite coach but now the guy who I have called a pimp in the past has now been elevated to the level of Ultra Pimp.

 You see an Ultra Pimp is a man who is so damned good at what he does and so astonishingly cool that he transends the standard level of pimpyness and becomes an etherial being (think Dr. Manhattan without the neon blue dong from Watchmen.)

 What I want from a coach is simple, I want a leader and I want to see a guy who will stick his neck out and give it to the other guy to proctect and defend his guys. Well Smith came up huge and while I watched it I just laughed at how bad Hall came off in this whole thing, he almost got his ass kicked by a 50 year old guy!

 So here is to you Mike Smith, The Dirty Bird salutes you!


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