The superbowl performer will be...

The Who. 

 I love classic rock and I will usually say that any group from the 60’s-80’s is almost always better than the crap that is released today. All a bunch of music made for people that haven’t shaved yet and people who generally have no taste. But the Who?!

 They have been very popular for decades and no doubt they are talented and a couple of rock operas and Baba O’ Riley later the are true pioneers but Keith Moon is long gone and John Entwistle passed away in 2002. I feel that the NFL is just missing the mark year in and year out.

 …And then there was a nipple: Janet Jacksonruined everything, no it wasn’t that she was over the hill for a popstar and her “nippleshield” was vain attempt at controversy that would make her relevant again. The plan of course backfired and a nipple made the world flip the hell out! so now we are left to deal with garbage every year. Now don’t think I am saying the halftime show was great before, hell they had Up with People perform for god’s sake but Paul McCartney, a freaking Beatle played and sucked in Jacksonville, FL and Aerosmith had to share a stage with Nelly!

 I thought Tom Petty was pretty good but Prince was just OK. I say we go for more rock, and I say this because I can’t stand most rap and the stuff I do like is not so “family friendly”.

 What is your best/worst memory halftime memory?

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