Falcons facing a must win in Carolina

The Falcons enter week 10 facing a Panthers team that looks very different from the previous tilt from week 2.

 In that game Steve Smith absolutely destroyed our secondary for 131 yards on 8 catches. Smith has been a huge problem for the Falcons during his career and I can’t see anything changing until I see otherwise. Does anyone know how many TDs Smith has this season? The answer is 1! This is an upsetting statistic for me because Smith, in my opinion is probably the best best receiver in the NFL pound for pound.

 It is a shame for a great player to be on a team that is struggling throwing the ball, but I will say that I hope that struggle continues this week versus the Falcons.

 The Falcons come to Charlotte and are in need of as many wins as possible with such a brutal stretch coming up: at Giants, vs Saints, vs Eagles, at NY Jets none of these is easy but I do feel that the majority are winnable games.

 If we win at Carolina and lose to New Orleans and Philadelphia and won the remainder of the schedule that would put us at 11-5. A very solid position for a wild card berth and would match our record from 2008. 

 So, I ask you what do you think about the Falcons and their chances?

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