Falcons lose in Carolina, do not lose ground in wildcard race!

  The Falcons lost again! Ahh! I can’t stand it. This time it is Jason Elam missing a kick that he had no business missing, field goal that would have given the birds a 1 point lead and most likely broken the back of the Carolina Panthers who were playing with a lead all day long.

 Matt Ryan could not throw a straight ball all day and Michael Turnerran wild in the first half for 111 yards before going down with a high ankle sprain, another hit to an already depleted backfield.

 The good news is this, the NFC is so listless and so inconsistent right now that the Eagles and Cowboys both lost as well. So this means that the Falcons don’t lose ground in the NFC wildcard race with a showdown with the Eagles looming larger and larger with each passing day on December 6 in the ATL.

 I will say this is closing, the Panthers earned my respect for playing well and for capitalizing on the mistakes of the Falcons to score TDs on both Matt Ryan interceptions.

 After a game like this and the 5 int day the Panthers had a couple of weeks ago in Arizona only cements my position that John Fox does not deserve to lose his job or be on any type of hot seat because he has put together solid game-plans and has out coached more than his share of good NFL teams to get his team to a respectable 4-5 from a dismal start with a human int machine in Jake Delhomme.

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