It just keeps getting worse

The Atlanta Falcons are 6-7. About 6 or so plays and a couple of missed Jason Elam field goals from being 9-4, but I digress my faithful readers. You see it isn’t about the record or the Falcons infinitesimally small chance at the playoffs. It is about Jonathan Babineaux and Eric Weems facing felony marijuana and DUI charges.

 You know what? I am not a prude and I am not puritanical. Actually I believe that drugs should be legal but they currently aren’t and no one should drive drunk ever. So can someone please explain why all of this crap is happening now? Is it because they are losing focus (along with a ton of games) and the team is falling apart? HELL IF I KNOW!

 What I do know is this, we need to take care of the New York Jets this weekend.

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