Falcons make history, end 44 years of inconsistency go 9-7!

The Atlanta Falcons won today. No it didn’t get us into the playoffs and no it was not a huge game or a blowout or anything but it was big. How big? 44 years big my friends.

 The Falcons have never had back to back winning seasons. Well, that ended today on January 3rd 2010 because we have done it.

 Matt Ryan had a decent game throwing 2 TD’s but also 2 interceptions. Roddy White made some good catches and again plays like one of the top receivers in the game. Jason Snelling has come up with another stunning performance as an absolute bruiser of a running back for 147 yards on 25 carries especially when you look at the fact that 131 of those yards were in the second half of the game.

 No, the Falcons will not be in the playoffs this year, I’ll tell you this much though: They would be a much better and interesting team than a couple of teams in the NFC playoffs. But it is a season of hope and a new off-season dawns tomorrow. Free-agency, the NFL Draft, mini-camps and training camps will keep me glued to the internet and I will be monitoring all Falcons and NFL news as soon as I have it.

 My first 2010 mock draft will be in very soon and I want to hear from you, the readers as well.

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