The 5 Most Exciting Falcons Games from 2009

Atlanta Falcons v Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Brian Burke over at Advanced NFL Stats has a ton of interesting information about, well, you guessed it, NFL stats. As he explains on his site, “I call it “Advanced” because I use real statistical methods–regression, tests of significance, game theory, simulation and other advanced techniques. This isn’t the kind of analysis you get on TV, and it’s not for everyone.”

Without getting too technical, one of the things his Win Probability graphs track is the most exciting games in the NFL during any season.

I thought it would be fun to see which five games from the Falcons’ 2009 campaign were the most exciting.

#5 – Week 8 (Falcons 27, Saints 35)

This was the game Kroy Biermann had a pick six and the Falcons offense was clicking on all cylinders. The defense just couldn’t stop Drew Brees, a theme the rest of the NFL would struggle with as well.

#4 – Week 2 (Falcons 28, Panthers 20)

Matt Ryan threw three touchdown passes to three different receivers and Michael Turner added 105 rushing yards as the Falcons began the season 2-0.

#3 – Week 10 (Falcons 19, Panthers 28)

This game saw Ryan throw two interceptions but the real issue was losing Michael Turner with a sprained right ankle in the second quarter. He had already rushed for 111 yards at that point.

#2 – Week 15 (Falcons 10, Jets 7)

In Ryan’s first game back from injury, he threw the game-winning touchdown pass to Tony Gonzalez with under two minutes to play.

And the most exciting Falcons game from last season…

#1 – Week 12 (Falcons 20, Buccaneers 17)

Chris Redman subbed in for an injured Matt Ryan and drove the Falcons for a winning touchdown with under a minute left to play.

Do you agree with this list? Any games that should have made the cut? Share your opinions or memories of these games in the comments.

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