Blogging Dirty's 2010 NFL Mock Draft v2!

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A week ago, I did my first mock draft of the season. It was a lot of hard work and more than a little fun. I had some great feedback from Falcons fans in the comments and via Twitter.

Since my last mock, a few things have changed. Brandon Marshall is now catching passes from Chad Henne and Santonio Holmes now calls the Big Apple home.

There are a lot of questions: will the Browns trade up to take Bradford? Will the Broncos draft a receiver now that Marshall is gone? I try to make sense of these questions and more in my 2nd attempt at mocking the only draft where people hope their number is called.

As for the Falcons pick, I decided to take a different approach this time around. Looking over the landscape and value available in later rounds, my choice for their first rounder may surprise you.

Version 2, with only eight picks the same from version one, is unleashed!

Pick Team Player Selected Player’s Position Player’s School Analysis
1. Sam Bradford Quarterback Oklahoma There’s rumor of the Browns trading up for Bradford, but if the Rams keep this pick, there is no way they don’t bring Bradford to St. Louis.
2. Ndomukong Suh

(previous: Gerald McCoy)

Defensive Tackle Nebraska

The Lions have the luxury of choosing between two defensive beasts with the 2nd pick. McCoy is good but something tells me they like a boy named Suh.

3. Gerald McCoy

(previous: Ndomukong Suh)

Defensive Tackle Oklahoma The Bucs finished dead last in rush defense in 2009 and while McCoy is not a doctor, he is a massive run-stopper.
4. Russell Okung
Offensive Tackle Oklahoma State Shanahan will protect his new investment (McNabb) with the best offensive tackle in the draft.

5. Trent Williams

(previous: Brian Bulaga)

Offensive Tackle Oklahoma The Chiefs gave up 45 sacks in 2009, sixth-most in the league. Williams lowers that number as well as powers an already impressive ground game.
6. Eric Berry
Free Safety Tennessee Some have Berry ranked as the #1 overall prospect in the draft. The Seahawks need help in a lot of places, but they can’t pass on this playmaker.
7. Joe Haden

(previous: Dez Bryant)

Cornerback Florida The Browns might trade up for Bradford or they could stay put and draft Clausen. I think they go an entirely different approach and pick up the best CB in the draft.
8. Derrick Morgan

(previous: Trent Williams)

Defensive End Georgia Tech Ray-duh Nation needs line help. They’ll either go offense or defense but with Morgan on the board, they may lose their focus.
9. Dan Williams

(previous: Anthony Davis)

Defensive Tackle Tennessee The Bills need a playmaking wide receiver but they can address that need later. Williams solidifies a rush defense that was 3rd worst in the league.
10. Rolando McClain

(previous: Earl Thomas)

Inside Linebacker Alabama McClain will bring interior toughness to a defense already in the Top 10.
11. Maurkice Pouncey

(previous: Rolando McClain)

Center Florida This feels like a no-brainer. Broncos need a Center and Pouncey is the best one.
12. Brandon Graham

(previous: Taylor Mays)

Outside Linebacker Michigan With their receiving corp solidified after the Marshall deal, the Dolphins fill their most pressing need.
13. Brian Bulaga

(previous: Joe Haden)

Offensive Tackle Iowa The Niners will be ecstatic if Bulaga is still here at 13. They can thank the Seahawks later.
14. (From Denver) Earl Thomas

(previous: Derrick Morgan)

Cornerback Texas Most mocks have the Seahawks taking Spiller here, but what I’ve heard out of Seattle is he isn’t even on their radar.
15. Dez Bryant

(previous: Dan Williams)

Wide Receiver Oklahoma State I have nothing to base this on. Just a hunch. It makes the sense that is not, but there is always one pick that makes everyone scratch their head.
16. (From Carolina) Jason Pierre-Paul
Defensive End South Florida The Titans will take the best defensive end available in an effort to replace the aging Vandenbosch.
17. Taylor Mays

(previous: Brandon Graham)

Free Safety Southern California The Niners fill their two most pressing needs with their first two picks adding Mays to their secondary.
18. C.J. Spiller

(previous: Kareem Jackson)

Running Back Clemson I’m not totally convinced the Steelers are happy with their running game and while OL likely will the choice, Spiller is interesting.
19. Kyle Wilson

(previous: Sergio Kindle)

Cornerback Boise State It has so much fun trying to figure out who the Falcons will take at 19 and I think this provides an interesting twist. With Morgan, Graham and JPP off the board, the Falcons could use this pick to solidify a secondary would go from awful to one of the best in the league. They could add pass rush help in the 3rd round and grab a WR or C later on. While not a high percentage, these mocks are supposed to generate conversation. I’m sure this pick will.
20. Devin McCourty

(previous: C.J. Spiller)

Cornerback Rutgers Another no-brainer if the draft falls this way. After losing Robinson, the Texans will be drafting a CB. It just depends on which one will fall to them.
21. Jermaine Gresham
Tight End Oklahoma The Bengals absolutely need a TE. Gresham is the best in the draft. It’s like eHarmony for the NFL.
22. Sergio Kindle

(previous: Demaryius Thomas)

Outside Linebacker Texas Though wide receiver help is needed, kindle is exactly the kind of hybrid player Belichick loves. This is one of those picks you just know will happen.
23. Anthony Davis

(previous: Kyle Wilson)

Offensive Tackle Rutgers The Packers need a lot of little pieces and Davis will fill one of those at 23.
24. Mike Iupati

(previous: Devin McCourty)

Offensive Guard Idaho The Eagles biggest need might be defense, but Iupati is a nice piece for the Kevin Kolb-led Eagles.
25. Jared Odrick

(previous: Patrick Robinson)

Defensive Tackle Penn State Cornerback and DT are the Ravens biggest needs and Odrick fits into the Ravens defensive philosophy perfectly.
26. Sean Weatherspoon
Outside Linebacker Missouri If the Falcons don’t take Spoon he could fall to the Cardinals and would be a great fit  for their opportunistic defense.
27. Charles Brown

(previous: Mike Iupati)

Offensive Tackle Southern California There’s a reason the Cowboys finish in the Top 10 in rushing most years. They draft well and know where their bread is buttered.
28. Brian Price

(previous: Ryan Mathews)

Defensive Tackle UCLA Price will help the Chargers defense that gave up over 117 rushing yards per game.
29. Everson Griffen
Defensive End Southern California Rex Ryan loves him some defense with his DE’s getting up there in age, Griffen will slide into either position.
30. Ryan Mathews

(previous: Maurkice Pouncey)

Running Back Fresno State The loss of Chester Taylor in the offseason hasn’t received much pub but the Vikings need to address their depth behind AD.
31. Kareem Jackson

(previous: Jared Odrick)

Cornerback Alabama The Colts don’t have too many holes but Jackson seems like the best bet here.
32. Jerry Hughes
Outside Linebacker Texas Christian A solid selection from the Super Bowl champs ends the first round.

What are your thoughts? Am I insane? Or just the right amount of sane? Let me know which players I got right and which ones I completely missed.

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  • Lee Tollison

    Nice work Troy, if the Falcons are going to draft a CB, Wilson would be a good get. He is a sure handed CB that would make an immediate impact in the secondary.

  • Troy Heinzman

    Thanks Lee. Great scouting report on Wilson. If the Falcons believe there is significant OLB/DE talent in later rounds and Pouncey is gone, they could surprise and start 2010 with a secondary that would be near the top of the league.

  • funballad

    no way iupati makes it passed both pittsberg and the falcons. I doubt he makes it past denver.
    If he makes it to 19th I bet the comrade drools and pulls the trigger on him.

  • funballad

    Also it worries me that people think with one first round draft pick on defense or any position will bring a miracle superbowl into our hands. I say we should be looking at a 4 or 5 year plan of rebuilding. matty started us off in year one. last year was bare average. now suddenly everyone wants the superbowl handed to us in the third year by picking up graham or spoon or any one player?
    I think the comrade has a plan and we wont go flashy in the hopes of a superbowl now. I think this year is another building block year and the next 2 years will be when we take chances on the make or break players.

    • Troy Heinzman

      Unfortunately, Funballad, that’s the way of the NFL. Teams can go from average (the Saints in 2008) to winning the Super Bowl (Saints in 2009) in one year. And when we look around and see we lost both Saints games by 11 combined points despite being decimated with injuries, you can understand where the optimism comes from. Not saying it’s right, but saying it’s easy to caught up in it.

      • funballad

        i agree troy. i just worry that with such high expectations this time next year many could be calling for heads to roll if we only go 2 rounds into the playoffs.
        2 years ago people were talking a 5 year plan and suddenly they want us to break the plan for an immediate superbowl chance.
        I want this team to become elite for years to come and the model that other teams look at each year as the team of the decade.

        • Troy Heinzman

          The changing of expectations!! The 5-year plan is nice until the team 7 hours southwest of you goes form 8-8 to winning the Super Bowl. Then the timetable changes. At least for the fans it does. Management is probably still building for the long-term elite level, but they can’t afford to wait too long. Like Jerry Glanville once said, “This is the NFL which stands for Not For Long.”