The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

The Good

Sean Weatherspoon was the 19th pick in the draft for your Atlanta Falcons. He is big and fast and will kick your…..well you get the point. Considering all the players that were available, with the exception of Dez Bryant, Weatherspoon was the obvious choice. He will be a solid linebacker who will put pressure on the QB.

Dez Bryant was the 24th pick in the draft. I am sure Jerry Jones is still sulking over passing up Randy Moss, but he made sure not to miss out on drafting Bryant. The 6’2, 225 physical wide receiver will be very dangerous as teams will have to game plan for a three headed passing attack with Bryant, Austin, and Witten. Sorry Roy Williams, your still a bust.

Jason Pierre-Paul was the 15th pick in the draft. I know some will say he is a project, but I say he is pure beast. This guy is 6’4, 270 pounds and can do a back flip. I mean come on! How many 270 pound guys can do that. Ok. With that being sad, he is quick and his speed will make him an effective pass rusher and a possible candidate for rookie of the year. The Giants, in my humble opinion, are getting the best defensive end in the draft.

The Bad

Rolando McClain was the 8th pick in the draft. Yes I admit and realize that McClain is a stud but face it Raiders, you need a QB. With Clausen and McCoy still available, I just don’t understand why the Raiders chose to select a linebacker. The Raiders have a decent defense, but they are lacking one obvious and important area. Jamarcus Russell is nott a NFL caliber QB. Once again, the Raiders baffle me with their first round draft pick.

The Ugly

Tim Tebow was the 25th pick in the draft. Who says good guys don’t finish first. Unfortunately, in the NFL being a good guy does not equal wins. This will go down as my ugliest draft pick in 2010. The Broncos did not need to draft a quarterback and even if they wanted to draft one, how do they pass on Clausen and McCoy? Good for Tebow, bad bad bad choice for the Broncos.

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