T.O. = TD’s = Super Bowl

Terrell Owens is a force on and off the field. When considering whether or not to sign T.O. one must consider past actions of relentlessly bashing QB’s. Do not let his age full you. Even though he is 36, Owens can still be one of the top wideouts in the league. The Falcons would benefit immensely, and Owens could be the missing link to get the Falcons to the Super Bowl.

I know many of you are reading this and thinking “yeah well I don’t want a cancer like Owens playing for my team”. To that I say, do you really think Owens would have the nerve to be a prima donna with coach Smith and the stable of veterans currently on the Falcons roster? In my opinion when you combine Owens drive to succeed, with his realization that he is in the golden years of the NFL, you’re going to get a man that shows up willing to do work.

Does this mean the Falcons are interested in signing Owens? No, unfortunately it does not. But I, as a fan, can look past Owens’ ridiculous rants about QB’s and see the ticker-tape parade future he could produce for Atlanta.

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  • blogginturdy


    I think you are totally off-base with your analysis of Terrel Owens. First, you have placed great emphasis on an unsubstantiated belief that Mike Smith will be able to contain Terrel Owens. However, you have no facts to back this up. Moreover, do you not remember when TO ran all over Andy Reed and Donavon McNabb? Reed and McNabb are both veterans of the NFL and TO still ruined that team.

    Next, you seem to feel that TO will produce as an Atlanta Falcon. However, TO had a less then productive year while in Buffalo (Under 829 yards receiving; and 5 TDs). An impact receiver needs to be well beyond 1000 yards receiving and be able to contribute more on the scoreboard. Terrel Owens is now thirty-six years old and beyond his prime.

    Terrel Owens is a cancer and past his prime. The Falcons would be smart to stay very far away from TO. I completely disagree with you. Love the blog though…


  • Lee Tollison


    I would not view T.O.’s time in Buffalo as an indication of how productive he would be in Atlanta. You have to remember that he was playing with the worst QB thus far in his career. If Atlanta were to sign T.O. it would help give the falcons the edge they need to contend for the Super Bowl. Also, I did not intend for this article to come across as if the Falcons are interested in signing T.O.. It was merely a what if scenario. I assumed that I made this clear when saying “Does this mean the Falcons are interested in signing Owens? No, unfortunately it does not. But I, as a fan, can look past Owens’ ridiculous rants about QB’s and see the ticker-tape parade future he could produce for Atlanta.”

    I respect your opinion and hope you continue to be an active fan of the blog.

  • blogginturdy


    I understand that TO was not working with a good QB. However, T.O. was once a prime time wide-receiver, who could make any quarterback look good (i.e. Tony Romo). His stats indicate that he is no longer that type of receiver.

    Additionally, your prophecy that TO would propel the Falcons to the Super Bowl is ludicrous. The Falcons have a lot of gaping holes on defense and still have questions on the offensive line. You can’t be serious when you think a team like the Falcons will be able to contend with the upper echelon of the NFL by only adding a washed up WR. Clearly you don’t understand what it takes to be a Super Bowl champion… I suggest you start looking to the reality of the Falcon’s situation and form your articles on factual information rather than fantasy pipe dreams…


  • Lee Tollison

    Your right Turdy because Tony Romo was such a bad QB this year. I personally believe that T.O. still has a good year or two left in him. Could I be wrong? Sure. However it is merely my opinion. You may think that I am a delusional fan who refuses to look at the “factual information” but I assure that I do not care.

  • blogginturdy


    I understand you have a man-crush on T.O.. This is clear from the picture you have posted on your article. However, I think fans, like you, that don’t look at the entire situation put a damper on the Falcon’s reputation. Your opinion consisted of only three paragraphs of nonsensical hyperbole.

    - Angry Turdy

  • Lee Tollison

    I merely think that some team will end up signing T.O. to another one and done contract, and if it is a team like the Falcons (good offense, strong leadership) then he will only help them succeed in a quest to the super bowl. I will admit your comment on the picture did make me laugh.

  • blogginturdy

    Strong leadership!? From who? Do you even know what leadership means?

    • Lee Tollison

      Tony Gonzalez, Mike Peterson, John Abraham, are just a few of the Vets on the team.

  • blogginturdy

    John Abraham is a drunk. I thought everyone knew that… What a leader.

  • Dave

    FACE THE FACTS!!!! Without another receiver to take the heat off Roddy, our offense is not really any better than last year! Having Harry D. back will help, but he’s and underneath guy whose not going to keep the double team off Roddy. T.O. wants a ring, really bad! Sign him to a one year deal, if he talks more than he performs, dump him! It’s worth the gamble. Otherwise, we’re 8 and 8 or 9 and 7 again, and only a potential wild card team. We’ve got a tough schedule again!

    • http://bloggingdirty.com/ Troy Heinzman

      Hi Dave – Thanks for stopping by. I agree with you the Falcons could use an upgrade at the #2 receiver position, I am not sure Terrell Owens is the answer. He’ll turn 37 this year and looking at the other wide receivers that closely parallel him, it does not bode well.

      Statistics at 37 years old


      Tim Brown

      Isaac Bruce

      Cris Carter

      James Lofton


      I agree with Lee’s main point; we need to upgrade the #2 receiver position. TO starts the conversation, but it doesn’t look like the Falcons are interested in making a move in that direction.

  • Fooksdaddy

    Wow, blogginturd lost all credibility after that clown comment about Abe.
    I also agree with Lee, we definitely need to get somebody else to pull the heat off Roddy, HD will do but more weapons more options. T.O. stats from last year need not apply you could of had Jerry Rice in his prime and the Bills still would of had crap for a passing game. During that span T.O. said nothing keep his yapper shut and press with the season. Now put him with this team even for a one and done, couldn’t hurt also could mentor our young receivers (nobody can knock his work ethic)

    • http://bloggingdirty.com/ Troy Heinzman

      NFL.com has an article discussing the market for TO. They don’t mention the Falcons but you bring up good points Fooksdaddy. His age, more so than his demeanor, frightens me more at this point. We need a better #2 but not sure TO could do any better than Michael Jenkins at this point.