T.O. = TD's = Super Bowl

Terrell Owens is a force on and off the field. When considering whether or not to sign T.O. one must consider past actions of relentlessly bashing QB’s. Do not let his age full you. Even though he is 36, Owens can still be one of the top wideouts in the league. The Falcons would benefit immensely, and Owens could be the missing link to get the Falcons to the Super Bowl.

I know many of you are reading this and thinking “yeah well I don’t want a cancer like Owens playing for my team”. To that I say, do you really think Owens would have the nerve to be a prima donna with coach Smith and the stable of veterans currently on the Falcons roster? In my opinion when you combine Owens drive to succeed, with his realization that he is in the golden years of the NFL, you’re going to get a man that shows up willing to do work.

Does this mean the Falcons are interested in signing Owens? No, unfortunately it does not. But I, as a fan, can look past Owens’ ridiculous rants about QB’s and see the ticker-tape parade future he could produce for Atlanta.

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