Tony Gonzalez is not satisfied with being the best tight end of all-time. (source: YardBarker)

Tony Gonzalez is Taking Over My Blog

Looking back at the past few posts, this is starting to feel like “The Tony Gonzalez Blog”, but I just can’t help it. He’s the best to ever play the position. Apologies to Antonio Gates, who hasn’t been great for along enough period of time yet.

I know there are those of you who feel like he isn’t a “true Falcon” because he played 12 seasons in the red and gold of the Chiefs instead of the red and black of Atlanta and that’s okay. I forgive you.

Whether he’s considered a Chief or a Falcon, the fact remains that he is catching touchdowns for Atlanta now and in my mind, that makes him a Falcon.

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USA Today put together a 53-man roster of the best players from the aughts. Only one Falcon made the list and, by now, I think you can guess who it was.

Gonzalez’s teammate on the list, Gates, could eventually surpass him as the best of all-time, but for now, Gonzalez reigns supreme.

I hope Matt Ryan fully appreciates how easier his job is with #88 on the line of scrimmage. I also hope Atlanta can deliver on the promise that made Gonzalez move 800 miles southeast – a championship.

Your Turn

Let me know in the comments if you consider Tony Gonzalez a “true Falcon”. Is he the best to ever play the game? Are we taking him for granted? You can also start the conversation on Twitter.

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