Is being an Atlanta fan a miserable experience? (source: YardBarker)

Atlanta is #2 on List of America's Most Miserable Sports Cities

Is rooting for Atlanta sports a miserable experience? Tom Van Riper of thinks so. He has put together a list of America’s Most Miserable Sports Cities and Atlanta ranks #2 behind only Seattle.

His criteria:

To create our misery rankings, we compiled the number of postseason appearances by a city’s teams and compared them to the number of titles won. Those cities that combine a lot of playoff losses and few championships score highest (final round losses, such as a Super Bowl or World Series, are given the most weight, followed by semifinal round losses, and so on).

Hit the jump for more “miserable” Falcons’ goodness and be sure to check out the relevant article from the The Falcoholic.

The Braves and the Hawks hurt Atlanta’s ranking the most. As the article states:

The Braves have parlayed 11 trips to the National League Championship Series into just one World Series title. And don’t forget the Hawks: 25 playoff teams since 1968 without a single trip to the NBA finals.

The Final Numbers:

Teams: Braves, Falcons, Hawks, Thrashers, Flames
Championship round losses: 5
Semifinal round losses: 9
Total seasons/championships: 147/1
Years since last title: 15
Teams lost: Flames

Your Turn

Has being an Atlanta sports fan been a miserable experience for you? Let me know in the comments or start the conversation on Twitter.

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