To Build or Not to Build; That is the Question

With all the discussion over the possibility of a new stadium, it would seem some fans are really opposed to the idea. Some worry that with the cost of building a new stadium that ticket prices will increase. This is definitely a possibility, but I find it hard to believe that fans would be forced to pay an outrageous sum of money to attend a game.

Others worry that fans of the Falcons are too finicky and would not attend games with bad weather. I know that this would not keep me from a game and I could only hope that other fans would feel the same way. Some fans are demanding that the stadium have a retractable roof. This would be awesome, but the president of the Falcons has already stated that a retractable roof is not in the 600M budget. Perhaps the most ludicrous of all the comments I have heard is that fans would not fill up the new stadium causing games to be blacked out for television. People need to realize that it is not the objective of the owner and president of the Falcons. They will build something within reason using projections of how many people will attend the games.

Also, there is the sect of people who are content with the dome and see no reason to waste money on building a new stadium. If the money is there, I say build it. A new stadium would create excitement for the fans and the players alike. This would help build positive momentum for the franchise. Building a new stadium is a great idea and one that I hope to see become a reality.

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  • Eric / Cat Crave

    First, how old is the Georgia Dome? It’s gotta be getting close for the Falcons to needing a new stadium.

    I personally like the idea of an open-air venue. If they want to do something with a retractable roof, then that could be even more beneficial, as I know the humidity in the area can be excruciating.

    But if there is no retractable roof thoughts in the blue prints, then open air is still wonderful. Especially when there’s a city skyline involved.

    Nice read, Lee!

    • Troy Heinzman

      Yeah I like the idea of playing football outdoors. The Georgia Dome is 18 years old and the 10th oldest in the NFL so an upgrade is within reason, but as Icon pointed out the money could be an issue.

      • Eric / Cat Crave

        That’s really not THAT old; I was figuring the GA Dome to be in the vicinty of 30′s-ish, since a new stadium is being considered.

        • Troy Heinzman

          18 years is pretty old by NFL standards. It’s currently the 10th oldest and will be the 7th oldest in a few more years with new stadiums on the horizon for 3 other NFL teams.

  • icon

    Build all the stadiums you want, just don’t do it with public money. If those suckers in Texas wanted to throw 300 million dollars to Jones for his temple, that’s fine, just don’t do it here.

    • Eric / Cat Crave

      I have no qualms with that, Icon. I’ve been against teams building new stadiums with taxpayers’ money, ever since I was old enough to understand what that entailed.

      One thing I will say, and it’s not to bally-hoo Carolina, but Jerry Richardson did it the right way, and used NO taxpayer money at all!

      That’s the way it should be done, and everything should be done within the amount that the owner, any financial partners can afford;if PSL’s need to be an option, then so be it. But taxpayer money should NEVER be considered an option when building a new stadium for ANY team of a professional nature.

      • Troy Heinzman

        Well said Eric. I do agree in letting the football fans pay for the new stadium through Personal Seat Licenses and other forms. The population that doesn’t care about the Falcons shouldn’t have to cover the bill.

  • tommy

    New stadium = Super Bowl. Enough said.

    • Eric / Cat Crave

      It didn’t work for Dallas…Just sayin’.

      • Troy Heinzman

        I assume Tommy meant when you open a new stadium you get to host a Super Bowl (as is usually the case with the NFL) and not implying it’s a guarantee that you will win the Super Bowl.

        • Eric / Cat Crave

          That could be. If such is the case, an apology for my ignorance is in order, lol.

          A Super Bowl in Atlanta. Now that would be pretty cool! And different from the usual deeper south warm climates.

          • Troy Heinzman

            I mean if they are considering a Super Bowl in NY in February, then an outdoor Super Bowl in Atlanta can’t be that far-fetched.