Weatherspoon the Madden Monster

EA sports has recently released it’s rookie ratings for the upcoming Madden title and, as expected, Weatherspoon is a beast. His speed is 83 and his tackling a whopping 90 overall. Spoon’s other notable rankings are an 85 acceleration, 84 agility, and an 83 power.

With these impressive numbers, one might ponder Spoon would have a high overall ranking. Unfortunately and surprisingly, his ranking is a mere 75. Madden rankings are meaningless, but some fans will be disappointed and may even cry “no respect.” If you know a super gamer like this, avoid telling them that Corey Petters is a 50 overall.

The Madden 2011 release date is scheduled for August 10, 2010. How do you feel about these rankings? What would you change to make Madden a better game?

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