Atlanta's Suffering Could End

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I e-mailed Dave Staley from and asked: Could you calculate the odds for which team is most likely to bring a championship to long-suffering cities? We settled on Atlanta, Cleveland, Houston, Minneapolis, Oakland and Washington, D.C.

“This is easily the most competitive city as none of the teams are in horrible shape.”

Falcons 2-1: “Very good young franchise type QB surrounded by lots of young talent.”
Braves 2-1: “Currently first place in a tough NL East. Plenty of young talent and always has some studs waiting in the wings. Also gets extra points since it is the next team with an opportunity to win a championship.”
Hawks 3-1: “Third-best record in the East, only lower than Falcons and Braves b/c they both have a shot to win a title first.”
Thrashers 13-4: “Even the Thrashers aren’t too much of a long shot considering they just missed out on the playoffs.”

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