Root for the Saints, Panthers & Bucs?

An Atlanta Falcons blog posting a headline like that could signal the end of the world but hear me out.

Ever wonder what division in football has the best talent? Which division could field the best All-Star team? Well Blogging Dirty along with the Fansided network is going to find out.

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All eight divisions will field a team comprised of the best players at each position. One player at each position – offense and defense – with two running backs and three receivers. This applies to only current players, so Claude Humphrey and Jeff Van Note are not eligible.

Blogging Dirty will be working with our fellow NFC South bloggers (New Orleans Saints, Carolina Panthers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers) to create the ultimate roster. If we can’t decide on which player/s should make the roster, a “readers” poll will be conducted right here on Blogging Dirty.

Once the NFC South All-Star team is decided upon, a voting contest will be held on the FanSided Network homepage. In a classic winner-take-all playoff bracket, two teams will face off each round until a “Super Bowl” champion is decided just before the start of training camps.

While it’s normal to have vehement hatred towards our division rivals, when we reach this stage, we want to represent the NFC South and vote early and often.

How many Falcons will make the NFC South All-Star team? Stay locked in to Blogging Dirty and the Fansided network to find out.

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