Mike Smith does not find Jack Del Rio's kicker joke very funny.

Falcons' Gameday: Preseason Week 4

The Atlanta Falcons travel to EverBank Field to play the Jacksonville Jaguars this evening. It is the last preseason game and the end of the road for 20 or so Atlanta Falcons. The last chance to change – or enforce – a coach’s opinion of you. The Falcons are loaded at the key positions but let’s take a peek at the bubble guys we should be keeping an eye on in this one.

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Matt Bryant. The bell tolls for thee.

If the Falcons keep six receivers, Troy Bergeron could sneak in. Otherwise, the big five are locked.

Michael Palmer could secure the third TE position supplanting Keith Zinger.

I don’t pretend to know how the offensive line will shake out but I’m hearing Brett Romberg might give way to Joe Hawley on the 53-man roster.

I still think the Falcons only keep three RBs and two FBs which means Antone Smith and Dimitri Nance will need to be extra impressive.


Vance Walker and Trey Lewis. I think only one can make it.

The DEs are locked with Emmanuel Stephens and Maurice Lucas on the outside looking in.

Linebackers: Weston Johnson, Bear Woods and Robert James will all be fighting to avoid turning in their playbooks.

Chevis Jackson may have sealed his fate against the Dolphins.

Rafael Bush should be able to hold off Eric Brock for the last safety spot. Or they could be cut to make room for another position.

Your thoughts?

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