The Falcons Around the Web - Sept. 2

In today’s edition, the Atlanta Falcons’ special teams take center stage. Matt Bryant is on the hotseat and Sports Illustrated and The Falcoholic dissect what that means for Today’s game against the Jaguars.

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Although Bryant feels like he’s got the confidence of his teammates and coaches, he knows it only takes another miss or two to put his job on the line. The Falcons face Jacksonville in their final preseason game Thursday.

The Falcons don’t have any other kickers on the roster, but there could be some intriguing possibilities once teams make their final cuts. In Houston, for instance, the Texans must decide between Kris Brown, the last original member of the franchise, and Neil Rackers.

For his part, Bryant blames switching up his motion after nearly falling down on the baseball diamond against the Dolphins, which makes plenty of sense. But it ignores the other field goals he’s missed this pre-season, or the fact that Bryant only hit three of five field goals last season. It ignores the fact that he’s now on shaky ground in a job that he was given with only the most fleeting of challenges from Steve Hauschka. It’s becoming increasingly apparent that Bryant’s accuracy is slipping, and signs of that are there that we never saw before Jason Elam fell apart last season. It’s troubling.

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