2011 NFL Playoffs: Atlanta Falcons Projected Schedule

The Atlanta Falcons after beating the Carolina Panthers will have home-field advantage throughout the NFC playoffs.

Divisional Round

Saturday, January 15th, 8:00: Home vs. Seattle, New Orleans, or Green Bay

*cannot play the Bears or Eagles in this matchup. If the Packers win they will play them regardless of the other game, and if the Eagles win they will play the winner of the Saints-Seahawks matchup

Championship Round

Sunday, January 23rd, 3:00: Home vs. Chicago, Philadelphia, Seattle, or New Orleans

*cannot play the Packers in this matchup because if the Packers win they will play each other in the Divisional Round.

Super Bowl

Sunday, February 6th, 6:30; Dallas, TX—vs. AFC Opponent

*we just want to be in this matchup and we don’t care who it’s against. They can play the Patriots, Steelers, Colts, Chiefs, Ravens, or Jets in this game.

Read on for the complete NFL Playoff Schedule.

Wild Card Round

Saturday, January 8th:

New Orleans Saints at Seattle Seahawks/ St. Louis Rams; 4:30—NBC

New York Jets at Indianapolis Colts; 8:00—NBC

Sunay, January 9th:

Baltimore Ravens at Kansas City Chiefs; 1:00—CBS

Green Bay Packers at Philadelphia Eagles; 4:30—FOX

Divisional Round

Saturday, January 15th:

Higest-seeded AFC team (Colts, Chiefs, Ravens) at Pittsburgh Steelers; 4:30—CBS

Lower-seeded NFC team (Seahawks/Rams, Saints, Packers) at Atlanta Falcons; 4:30—FOX

Sunay, January 16th:

Higher-seeded NFC team (Eagles, Seahawks/Rams, Saints) at Chicago Bears; 1:00—FOX

Lower-seeded AFC team (Chiefs, Ravens, Jets) at New England Patriots; 4:30—CBS

Championship Round

Sunday, January 23rd

NFC Championship: 3:00—FOX

AFC Championship; 6:30—CBS

Super Bowl

Sunday, February 6th—Dallas, TX

NFC Champions vs. AFC Champion; 6:30—FOX

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