Mel Kiper's First Mock Draft: WR Torrey Smith to the Atlanta Falcons


Why would the Falcons waste a pick on someone that will be the fourth wide receiver instead of drafting someone that will make an immediate impact?

The Atlanta Falcons have Roddy White, Michael Jenkins, Harry Douglas, and Brian Finneran if they choose to sign him at the wide receiver position.

Unless you are getting an elite receiver, which you won’t get at the 27th spot, you can still get a decent receiver in the later rounds. There is no need to waste a pick on a receiver in the first round.

The Falcons need help on defense and I would look for them to draft a linebacker with their first round pick. There is no need to wast this pick on a wide receiver.

But then again, this is only Mel Kiper’s opinion. The Falcons front office doesn’t take this into account. These “mock drafts” are used to create discussion among fans and they are used for great television.

For this one, Kiper is wrong. The Falcons should not draft Torrey Smith and they should look for help on the defensive side of the ball.

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