Falcons vs Saints - Blogging Dirty Staff Picks

Every Sunday, we will ask each of our staff here at Blogging Dirty to give their score prediction for the Falcons game and why they think that will be the outcome.

Jamie Kelly – This game will be close like it always is between these two teams. I fancy the Falcons to pull it out as the Saints are a bit banged up on Defense and the Falcons have the playmakers to take advantage of the injured Saints D. While I see Brees throwing for 300 yards, I also expect him to turn the ball over at least twice, which should be enough for the Falcons to pull out a victory.

Prediction: Falcons 24, Saints 20.

Scott Wilson – The Falcons are going to continue their home game magic in a 31-28 win over the Saints. Another 25+ carry game for Turner and several sacks from the Abraham and Edwards will be the deciding factors in this exciting event.

Prediction: Falcons 31, Saints 28.

Greg Huseth - The Saints loss of Vilma cripples their run defense, and the play action is very effective by Matt Ryan & Co. Brees turns the ball over a couple times, and goal line defense saves the day for the Falcons.

Prediction: Falcons 28, Saints 24.

Go Falcons!!

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