Fansided Awards - My Defensive Rookie Of The Year Ballot

Over the next few days the folks over at NFL Spin Zone will be announcing the Fansided NFL awards for the 2011 season. All 35 editors from the Fansided NFL sites had a ballot and i will be publishing my personal ballot over the next few days here on Blogging Dirty and we start with the Defensive Rookie of the Year award. Be sure to check out NFL Spin zone for the overall award announcements.

1) Aldon Smith, OLB,  San Francisco 49ers

Do see why he deserves this award, watch the game film of the Saints game. Although i did not take that game into consideration, it shows how dominant he has been this year. For a rookie pass rusher to get 14.5 sacks, is an absolutley incredible achievement and has been a big part of the 49ers’ defensive success.

2) Von Miller, DE/LB,  Denver Broncos

Miller was an absolute force for Denver this year. He picked up 11.5 sacks, and also added 64 tackles. He also did this while getting constant double teams, as teams chose to double Miller more than any other player on the Broncos defensive line. While Tebow took all the credit, it was Miller and the defense that were the real heroes for Denver this year.

3) Patrick Peterson, CB, Arizona Cardinals

Peterson was a solid contributor, and racked up an amazing 64 tackles (which is a ton for a CB). He also was good in coverage something that rookie corners struggle at. Peterson also provided one of the best plays of the year, when he returned a walk off punt return for a touchdown against the Rams in Overtime.

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