The Hot Read: Nikes New Uniforms

Nike and the NFL reached an agreement last year to allow Nike to design new uniforms for all the teams in the NFL.  When I heard about this agreement, I personally became unsettled.  Nike has done so many things for sports attire but one thing they have yet to master is uniforms.  Their Nike Pro Combat designs they created for some  of the elite college teams are considered by some (especially me) to be atrocious.  One uniform that they created was the University of Georgia uniform for the opening game against Boise State.  I almost decided not to watch that game specifically for that uniform.

However, I was glad to see that not much change was made to the uniforms.  Apparently, the Falcons were one of five teams to reject a total overhaul of the uniforms.  This was a good choice in my book by the Falcons front office.   The only major difference I noticed was made specifically to the gloves of the players.  This change is something that I personally like.


Here is a photo of the Falcons new uniform for the upcoming season.  How do you guys feel about the new uni’s.

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