New doo.....Same dude

I know some Falcons’ fans call John Abraham “the predator”, but let’s be honest; this nickname fits much better with Atlanta’s 2011 first round pick Julio Jones. Well, at least it used to…..

Last season, we all went crazy as Jones accelerated through defenses as his dreads waved goodbye to his pursuers. This season, Jones will hopefully still be slicing through defenses, but just without the cape extending from the bottom of his helmet. As witnessed in the Pixar film The Incredibles, maybe it is just best to get rid of all capes. The stand-out rookie this past season stolled up to OTAs today with a fresh new cut.

Now, Julio was fast last season. If he was even with his defensive back, he was leaving that defensive back. In my estimation, his hair probably weighed around 3-5 lbs (he had a lot of hair). Can you imagine how fast he will be this season with that extra weight now off? Maybe new offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter requested that he cut his hair so he can have that extra advantage in his deep ball style offense (long shot).

All I know is that Julio Jones may have to go back to his high school nickname. “In high school, my nickname was Waffle House. Know why? Because I’m always open.”   -Julio Jones via Twitter

What do you think? What are some of your new nicknames for Julio? Comment here or tweet us @bloggingdirty.

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