The Hot Read: Matt Ryan Overrated?

Last week I was listening to a local sports radio host named Seth Harp.  During a segment on his show, Seth counted down his top- five most overrated players in the NFL.  His number five player was non-other than our own Matt Ryan.  His main argument from what I can remember is that he has not had any post season success in his four years in the league.  I whole-heartedly disagree with Mr. Harp on this.

Mr. Harp stated that he felt that Matt Ryan was overrated because of his lack of success in the post season.  But if you look at his career as a whole you can not make the assumption that Matt Ryan is overrated.  If you compare his first four seasons to other Quarterbacks such as Peyton Manning, who many consider to be the greatest quarterback in history, you will see than he has exceeded him in many different categories.  The only thing that Peyton beats Matt Ryan in is yards and touchdowns.  Matt Ryan has a much better record, more playoff appearances and has a winning record in every season.  Something that Peyton didn’t do in his first four years.

I will agree that Matt Ryan and the Falcons have not lived up to expectations that the fans and the team have set.  But to call him overrated this early in his career is just outrageous in my mind.  I also think this year might be the year for the Falcons to go deep in the playoffs.  Hopefully they will back me up on this and Matt Ryan can get Seth Harp and any other critics off his back.

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