Atlanta Falcons at the San Diego Chargers

Fresh off of a 27-21 win over the Denver Broncos last Monday that saw the defense pick Peyton Manning off three times the Atlanta Falcons are preparing to travel to San Diego to play the Chargers on Sunday.
After last week’s stifling performance the Atlanta Falcons’ defense looked aggressive and swarmed the ball at every opportunity. Personally, I was thrilled by how alert and in tune the defense looked. The pressure that they were able to bring against the Broncos’ offense and how uncomfortable they made Peyton Manning gives me high hopes for the remainder of the season. That being said, the defense faces another challenge this week against San Diego’s Philip Rivers. The Atlanta passing game seems to be coming along well, but the rushing attack has lagged behind. This troubles me. I have always believed that a strong running game is the key to a strong offense. So far nothing the backs have been able to produce has encouraged me. This lack of production may be a result of poor blocking, poor running, or poor play calling. Whichever it is, I hope that this week against the Chargers the Falcons can have a rushing attack that demands the respect of the opposing defense.
The San Diego Chargers’ offense averages 337 yards per game on the young season. The Atlanta Falcons’ defense matches up well against this pass heavy offense. I hope to see the aggression that was evident in Monday’s game carry over to this game. The Falcons’ offense has produced 325.5 yards per game thus far. The Chargers’ defense is stout, allowing only 266.5 yards per game, but I feel that the combination of receivers the Falcons can field will be too much for the Chargers to control. This game will be a hard fought affair, but I hope to see the Falcons finding a way to win 31-28.

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