The Hot Read: Preview of Falcons Chargers

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First, the offense is going to have play just as solid as they have been so far.  One person that is going to have to pick it up is Micheal Turner.  He is returning to San Diego for the first time since leaving and signing with the Atlanta Falcons as a free agent.  Turner needs to have a big game in order to allow Matt Ryan to pick apart the San Diego defense.

Secondly, the defense needs to continue its wonderful performance from Monday Night.  In order to win this game, the Falcons D needs to put a lot of pressure on Phillip Rivers.  Rivers, the fifth-highest rated passer, is having a wonderful season thus far as he is trying to bounce back from possibly his worst season ever last year.  The Falcons are going to have to force Rivers to move around and commit turnovers.  If they can force two turnovers and sack Rivers at least three times then the Falcons should cruise to an easy victory.

I predict Ryan throwing for250+ yards and 2 touchdowns.  Micheal Turner returns to form with 80+ yards and 2 short touchdown runs.  Julio Jones will lead the receivers with 7 catches for 100+ yards and 1 score.  The final score will be 34-24 with the Falcons improving to 3-0 on the year.

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