Falcons and Cowboys, Preview

Falcons vs Cowboys. It doesn’t quite have the ring of Giants vs Cowboys, but the game will go on nonetheless. Dallas is a team with yardage distribution very similar to Atlanta (i.e. a limited run game). This fact, as well as a few others will give us an insight into the match-up.

Given that Romo throws nearly 2 interceptions per game and Atlanta is 3rd in the league at intercepting the football, it’s probable that Dallas will run more with the ball. Throw in that Atlanta is 26th in the league at stopping the run, and ‘probable’ becomes ‘self evident.’ However, Dallas is 31st in the league with a mere 3.6 yards per carry. Bill Callahan will probably use the spread to supplement the lack of run production, but don’t be fooled, you’ll see some Romo play action mixed in with a few pitch-outs.

The Dallas corners have led the team to the 3rd best pass defense in the NFL, and Atlanta relies heavily on the passing talents of Matt Ryan. The Falcons will have some challenge throwing the ball, but it’s nothing Matty Ice can’t handle. Expect to see more of Michael Turner and Jacquizz Rodgers in this game, as the Falcons mix in the run to their up tempo offense. All said and done, 24-21 ATL and 8-0 Falcons.

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