Pantheon Designs a Go

It looks like the Pantheon design won over the hearts of the world congress center members.

I’m sure everyone has heard the big new Falcons stadium plans and everyone has an opinion.  Recently there were two designs released that were the top of the idea board, The Pantheon and the Solarium.  I was a fan of the Solarium because I really enjoyed the glass walls and the view of the skyline.

It was released that the pantheon design will be moving forward and we got to see some more inside on the new stadium designs.  I’m happy to find out that, when open, the city will be just as visible as well as the sky through what appears to be a mostly glass roof.

On top of that, there will be cutting edge technology in every corner of the new stadium along with a giant screen lining the edge of roof.

There is still a long way to go, but I enjoy the glimpse into what will be the home for the Atlanta Falcons.

If you haven’t looked at the new, updated pictures, check it out here:

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