Thinking on Paper By Bobby G. Copperhead

Forget the stats. Matt Ryan deserves a super great contract. He helped resurrect the Falcons
when they were lower than the Suwanee river and has help perch the birds to the best consecutive five
years on the franchise history tree.

Mark September 29th on the calendar as ‘No Huddle Night’.

Harry D – How about quadruple the touchdowns this season ?

Hope Brian Banks becomes the Evan Gattis feel good story for the Falcons.

Roddy should come very close to 10,000 yards in his career in 2013.

Hope Garrett Reynolds has a healthy year.

Robertson, Matthews, Massaquoi or Goodman, who will take the spotlight ?

Toilolo will be better than Just so so.

Thanks Nikko for factoring on your dad’s decision.

New Stadium design is spectacular, like a giant alien falcon nest. Hope it gets justifiable name.

Can Jaquizz improve one poor spot in 2012, the kick off and punt return game ?

Thirty two – the number of twenty plus catches we’ll see Julio obtain in 2013.

September 8th opener is a playoff game in my book.

Gizmo may be just a little old Shi -tzu, but he’s as tough as Tommy Nobis in his little old brain.

Stay steady Josh Harris. Had to mention his name, for he seldom gets print.

Still think Dom Davis will be very good, either as solid back up or as trade chip.

Seymour should change his demands to totally fit falcons offer, whatever it may be.

Matt Bryant. Fingers crossed for carbon copy year.

Would like to see the west coast bullies, San Fran and Seattle beat each other up all year.

Don’t sway from one step, one game at a time philosophy Smitty.

On another note: Hawks have to get a Big in the draft, and Atlanta should come out proud on June 28th at Turner field with the retirement of number 10.

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