November 11, 2012; New Orleans, LA, USA; Atlanta Falcons tight end Tony Gonzalez (88) dunks the football over the goal post after scoring against the New Orleans Saints during the second half of a game at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. Mandatory Credit: Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

10 Reasons the Saints Will Lose to the Falcons

It’s officially game week.  The Falcons are game planning as we speak.  It is never easy to play the Rival Saints.  Especially in New Orleans.  (Actually it used to be, but that’s neither here nor there) But I don’t believe that New Orleans will be able to pull out a win this time.

  1. The Defense has gone nowhere.  Last Season, New Orleans ranked dead last in defense. They were horrible.  Historically bad. Now they have switched to a 3-4 and haven’t had the personnel to really shine in a 3-4 quite yet.
  2. Injuries galore.  Jonathan Vilma is injured.  Will Smith is injured.  Everyone is injured. The 3-4 defenses life blood is the linebackers.  The saints are now running on reserves and the season hasn’t even started yet.  They won’t be able to get sufficient pressure on the quarterback.
  3. The run game.  Atlanta finally has a running game.  Last season the saint ranks dead last in run defense.  This year they switch to a system that doesn’t do very well to stop the run.  I’d be shocked if Steven Jackson didn’t get 100+ yards against New Orleans.
  4. The secondary.  The Saints weren’t the best at coverage.  They used their first round pick to (no, they didn’t get a 3-4 linebacker or a 3-4 defensive end, or a nose tackle.) they got a safety.  I’m sure he’s doing alright, but they aren’t spectacular.  They need to be able to take on the likes of Julio Jones, Roddy White, and Tony Gonzalez.  They won’t be able to cover everyone and still apply pressure.
  5. Drew Brees is in his decline.  I would never go as far as to say that Drew Brees is a bad quarterback.  I wouldn’t even say he’s less than good.  But his days as a great player are over.  You can blame problems on your head coach not being there as much as you want, but Drew Brees (not the head coach) threw five interceptions in Atlanta last year.  He can’t carry the saints anymore.
  6. Matt Ryan is reaching his prime.  Ryan is one of the best quarterbacks in the league.  He’s getting better each year and in the second year of Dirk Koetter’s offense, he should shine even brighter.  He should be able to pick the secondary apart and have a lot of time to do so.
  7. Nolan is where nightmares come from.  Mike Nolan really likes to make looks that confuse the quarterback.  Each player is very versatile and the quarterback doesn’t know what to look for.  There will be turnovers in this game.
  8. Getting pumped up.  The Atlanta Falcons are ready for a Super Bowl run.  They know what they are capable of.  They want to beat the saints.  They are taking this game very seriously and the saints just won’t be able to keep up. When the Falcons get excited about a game, it is very difficult to beat them. they want revenge from the last time they traveled to the Superdome and they won’t settle for anything less than victory.
  9. History is on our side.  Not only do the Falcons have a decently sized lead in the series, the Falcons have never lost in the season opener to the saints.  In Fact, none of those games have even been close.  It doesn’t really count as a reason they will win, I just like to point it out.
  10. Simply Better.  We can pull up all the little parts and pieces that make both teams win.  But this year in particular, the Falcons are simply better.  They have a better passing game, a better running game, a better defense in all areas.  Even with the big weakness at right tackle, they don’t have the tools to beat Atlanta.  This is Atlanta’s time.  New Orleans’ time has passed.

There are many reasons more.  I haven’t even gotten into Tony Gonzalez’s last ride, the improved run defense, the new schemes and julio’s best year yet.  There are too many reason why Atlanta is better compared to the New Orleans and their only explanation of “Sean Payton is back.” It won’t be easy and I’m not going to predict a blow out, but I will eat my hat if the Falcons lose the season opener.

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  • Falcons die hard

    hope you like that hat with some hot sauce

    • louisianakid1954

      You are surely right don’t count the Saints out going off of what you hear is not enough Saints will be alright, we will wait to see on season opening.

  • Charlescou

    Then the Saints should just give up. Thanks for saving me the time to watch the game.

  • Mark L

    Thanks for the elementary observation. Sean Payton has owed the dirty birds historically, I guess the author isn’t into stats…

  • Philip Tatum

    As much as I hate the Aint’s, this is poorly written. I think the Saints will be better off without Vilma and Will Smith. The reason is that I believe that Will Smith does not fit the mold of a true 3-4 OLB. You want younger, more agile players. (Junior Gillete). Additionally, Vilma is on the downswing anyway. Now, I still think this defense has work to do but it will be a little better.

    • Rod

      Integrit before hate…love it…and yes you are spot on…I understand why we hold so much loyalty to Will and I appreciate not just dumping him (for fiscal and leadership reasons)…but a jack linebacker? he is not…at best A d-end to contain and open lanes for a true jack linebacker or an inside lb…and vilma…I’m confident of him vs. the run…but not against short routes and strong zone reading…just feel he’s better in aggresive man situations…so mabe he has his limited roles in this defense but not as a starter…

  • Nathaniel Whitehead

    I’m a HUGE Falcons fan, but I’m also a realist. When it comes to the interdivisional games, STATS MEAN NOTHING. This season opener will be one of the Falcons’ toughest games.

  • louisianakid1954

    New Orleans Saints has a lot of young players that are ready to play some ball so Altanta Falcons don’t count your chickens before they hatch.

  • SaintsWillWIn

    Last year’s historically bad defense was good enough to hand the dirty bird’s their first loss last year!
    The falcants only managed to beat the Saints last year because Brees threw 5 picks!
    31-17 Saints

  • Type Wavvy

    Robert Stephens get hungry for that hat #WHODAT that is all

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  • Daniel Mack

    “When the Falcons get excited about a game, it is very difficult to beat them.”

    I guess this explains your recent playoff history, right?

  • America

    Hahahaha!!!! That’s your reason!!! Hahahaha!!! You falcant fans never stop amusing me!!! Hahaha!!! Brees is on the decline!!!! Hahaha! There was another QB that threw 5 picks, you know who that was. We got 99 problems but a ring ain’t one!!! Who Dat!!!

  • Edward Reed


  • Edward Reed


  • jerry malone

    #1 reason Saints will win. Dirty Birds fans knows nothing about football…your RB name is STEVEN JACKSON!

    • Rod

      AND they DID have a run game before Steven Jackson came into town…good grief this loon degrades his own team while trying to degrade another…where did they dig this idiot up from?

  • America


  • beau styron

    Hey Robert Stephens did you get your journalism degree out of a cracker jack box? My ten year old could have written a better column than that junk you just spewed. I understand you write for an Atlanta column but geez man write with some truthful objectives. I am a Saints fan and have nothing but respect for the Falcons and our rivalry, its one of the best in football. You sound like meat head Dallas Cowboy fan but we won this many championships 25 years ago. Horrible article!

  • Wallace Ordoyne

    What a Homer with a capital “H”……Drew Brees in decline? Who led the league in TD’s and Total yardage last year? Hint, his name isn’t Matt Ryan. Can’t wait for the roasting on Sunday, enjoy your hat………….

  • leslippe

    This just proves any idiot can get on line – it’s our year and we’re going to the Bowl, so get over it with all your imagined knowledge and expertise…

  • Rod

    Ok. you know what…out of sympathy for your Falcon fans…I wont even talk about who will win the game…but as a fan of football and good hearted rivalry…do yourselves a favor, find the idiot posting this article and lock him/her in a basement somewhere…he/she just embarassed dirty bird nation…I felt embarassed for you…if it turns out they aren’t even of voting age…corporal punishment has its value…1. mispelled your running backs name, 2. said you never had a run game till now (I guess Mike Turner was a sorry running back that rouldn’t control the clock and convert downs…NOT), 2. Drew Brees is declining (how…show me statisically or technically…oh you just pulled that out of your butt…oh ok.) 3. Matt Ryan is reaching his prime?…he’s been an elite/top 3 qb (and that’s coming from a Saints fan)…for the last 3 seasons… cmon Man…be honest…your a middle schooler playing on your granny’s laptop aren’t you…you aren’t even a good Falcons fan, much less a Saints hater…

  • Brandon McFerrin

    What a load of garbage. Drew Brees threw for over 5,000 yards for the past couple of seasons, is breaking all-time records left and right, and could shove the football right down your throat with his accuracy. You obviously didn’t follow us during pre-season. I agree that our defense is not good, but it looks so much better than last year. We will have linebackers, you need not worry. What you should worry about is our offense. We have 7 amazing receivers, 2 amazing tight ends, and an elite qb that are going to wreak havoc for you guys on Sunday. Plus, you are coming to our house, bring your earplugs. Last but not least, who gave you the only losses you had last season? Oh yeah, the team with a declining quarterback and the worst defense in NFL history. Good luck guys!

  • Al Martin

    hello, he just wrote this type of article, full of 1/2 truths, to evoke a response

    • Robert Stephens

      spot on

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  • Brandon McFerrin

    Where are your reasons now that the Saints won? Ha! Stop hating. You guys have a good team, and it was a good game. Glad you were wrong, though. Of course we give it our all when we play you guys. Mostly because of garbage articles like this that fuel the fire.