Falcons fans have yet to see if the aquesition of Steven Jackson will pay off. Mandatory Credit: Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

Falcons Game Time Predictions: Rams

The Falcons Home opener kicks off in a few hours so I just wanted to do a few predictions.  Feel free to put yours in the comments!

Matt Ryan should be in a little better shape than he was last week, but he’ll be missing some production from Roddy White.  I think He gets 330 passing yards with two touchdowns and no interceptions.  He’ll come out and play for this one.

Tony Gonzalez is going to have to pick up some of the slack in the absence of Roddy White, or if Roddy White is limited.  Julio Jones is going to have his hands full so Gonzalez should get a lot of the yards.  He’ll get 8 receptions for 90 yards and a touchdown.

Julio Jones will have a tough night with Janoris Jenkins.  But if his knee is alright, Julio is a better receiver than Jenkins is a corner.  I think he’ll get slowed down, but that’s it.  I expect 5 catches for 75 yards and a touchdown.  No fumbles this time.

Steven Jackson will probably be a bit more successful this week over last.  He may not but out a 50 yard run, but he’ll get started early in this emotional battle.  He’ll get 18 carries for 90 yards.  He’ll score his first touchdown this week.

Some other stats, I bet Atlanta gets 1 sack, two interceptions, and two field goals.  It’ll be a close game, but Atlanta will pull away in the 4th quarter.  I’ll take Atlanta 27-17.

What are your predictions this afternoon?

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