Act Like You’ve Been There Before

My wife and I were very excited to attend the Falcons-Saints game, only to be yelled and cursed at by some obnoxious fans. I then began to ponder how three adult women could be so annoying. The game continued and the beer flowed and they just got louder and louder. I’m not one to let a bad egg ruin the batch but this was bad.

The Falcons lost that day and I lost all respect for Saints fans. My advice to Saints fans would be act like you’ve been there before. Tickets to a NFL game are expensive, and after that game I understand why some people would rather stay home or go to the bar to watch the Falcons play.

My wife and I have pretty tough skin and will still go to games, but if experiences like that become common place then count us out. I must ask, do you act like this when watching the Falcons play? Also what team do you think has the most unruly fans?

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