Atlanta Falcons: Plays that defined the win over Redskins

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The Double Touchdown?

The Falcons were down late, and Ryan threw a little dump pass to Freeman. He stretches across the goal line, and the ball falls out of his grasp while being brought to the ground… and, no touchdown. But the Falcons have a new hero on their hands in Devonta Freeman who carries it in for a second time two plays later.

If you were to ask Calvin Johnson or Dez Bryant about this rule, they would probably give a menacing look at you as these plays have defined one of the biggest moments of their careers. But Freeman just brushed it off, and reinforced the score with a run around the corner. To most teams, plays such as these would have derailed every emotional high, but these Falcons seem much different than most teams and refuse to be defined by a single moment of misfortune.

Freeman has been the workhorse, and it’s hard to deny him the ball when all he does is lead the NFL in touchdowns. But nevertheless, his intensity is unmatched on the field and his ability to find the pay dirt is why he must continue to get the ball.

The way he burst through the line to all but seal the deal for the Falcons set this as one of those moments that will last the entire season because it embodies everything this team has stood by all year. When adversity comes, you are only a champion if you overcome it. And overcome they surely did.

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