Second look: Grading the Atlanta Falcons versus Minnesota Vikings

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Atlanta Falcons
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Coaching – F

Dirk Koetter was terrible. Vanilla and predictable all day. Bringing Koetter back was supposed to be a great idea as he was familiar with what Matt Ryan and this offense were capable of. His red-zone sets alone made Steve Sarkisian look like a genius.

Koetter has to improve quickly as the offensive coordinator or this will be another terrible hire by Dan Quinn and one that will cost him his job.

Speaking of Dan Quinn, he will get a one-game reprieve as the defensive coordinator. Changing the scheme and modus operandi of this defense is going to take a game or two to set in. The defense did not get a chance to sync during the preseason with guys missing parts or all of the five games to avoid preseason injuries. As Jarrett said post-game, if they want to get better they will and if they don’t, they won’t.

Special Teams – C

Matt Bosher was terrible, again. He has not had to earn his job in quit some times and that is apparent. The Vikings blocked his first punt Sunday and damn near blocked two more. The Falcons cannot afford to have that type of effort from a player that should be a weapon and can flip the field.

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Kenjon Barner is the return game was fine. He averaged 22 yards per kick return and nearly 12 yards per punt return. That is the type of effort the Falcons will hopefully get from him every week.