Players the Atlanta Falcons can trade, should trade and will not trade

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This is a group of veterans that could provide instant leadership and ability to many other playoff-bound teams across the league and should the Falcons continue to slide into the NFL gutter, the Falcons should seek active trade partners for these four players.

Ito Smith

The best running back on the Falcons roster and one that adds a bunch of different elements to most offenses. When you look around the league and see the success of the spread offense, Ito Smith would be a great finishing piece for a contender.

He won’t put any offense over the top, but he will certainly help the offense keep the defense off balance and is hard a runner as you will find in the league.

Ricardo Allen

A guy that many Atlanta Falcons fans love. At one point looked like your defensive captain. Between his injury and the scheme, he doesn’t seem to be a fit anymore in Atlanta and a contender could use his presence on defense and may be willing to give up a future draft pick to obtain him.

Desmond Trufant

There is not a more hot and cold defensive back in the NFL. The final 13 games in 2018, he looked like he had gotten back to his normal shut down self. Through five games in 2019, he has given up five touchdowns.

Unlike fans, NFL coaches and general managers believe that their scheme works better and is a better fit for a lot of players. There may be a team out there that sees Trufant’s lack of success and a byproduct of the franchise he is playing for.

Should a team call the Falcons for Desmond Trufant’s services, he has to go.

Mohamed Sanu

One of the most beloved players on this roster, which is odd given the public outcry when the Falcons signed him a few years ago. He is the glue guy, the lunch pail gay or whatever other adjectives you would like to use to describe the player that shows up every single day and gives the franchise everything he has.

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Mohamed Sanu may be the most tradeable asset that the Falcons have and it would be shocking to see him in a Falcons uniform