The Atlanta Falcons still have a path to the playoffs

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Through five weeks in the season, the Atlanta Falcons have won a game in one out five tries. And the heat on Dan Quinn’s seat is rising as each loss accumulates.

It’s easy to write the  Atlanta Falcons off already. And quite frankly, nothing about their play is encouraging enough to think they could flip this around and make an improbable playoff run.

But there is a path to the promised land of the NFL playoffs. In fact, this team should hold the 1976 Pittsburgh Steelers up as a roadmap. That team started 1-4, ran the table the rest of the way, (the NFL was still playing 14 game seasons) and made it to the conference championship.

But the chances are slim. ESPN’s football power index predicts the Falcons will finish at 6-10, with a 2 percent chance of winning the division and a less than 4 percent chance of making the playoffs.

As Blogging Dirty told you before, one of the few positives is this team’s schedule is backloaded. And as Dan Quinn and the Falcons continue to struggle against the AFC, they only have one more team from the other side on their schedule.

There are 11 games left in the Atlanta Falcons season and they still get a bye-week. If the Falcons want to get back to the playoffs, whether or not that will save Quinn’s job is yet to be seen, they’ll have to it one game at a time- or look at it in sections. Regardless, this is their road map. Here’s what they have to do.

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