The probability of UGA players on the Atlanta Falcons draft board

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The Atlanta Falcons don’t have a history of drafting players from the University of Georgia. Could that change this week?

There is a natural fan base that supports both the University of Georgia and the Atlanta Falcons. Of course, any Georgia fan would love to see their favorite player continue wearing red and black as they enter the NFL.

The past 25 seasons have seen the Atlanta Falcons only draft four players from UGA. From DJ Shockley in 2006 to Akeem Dent in 2011. None of these players panned out. Akeem Dent had a career year in 2012 as he led the Atlanta Falcons defense to the NFC Championship game and then saw his production fall right back down. Martinez Milner only played in one season with the Falcons. Featured in only eight games during the forgetful 2007 season. Thomas Brown and DJ Shockley never saw the field.

Atlanta Falcons narrowly missed out on getting AJ Green over Julio Jones in 2011 after the Falcons made the blockbuster trade with the Browns for the number six overall pick. Green went two spots before Jones to Cincinnati at number four. It’s unsure if the Falcons were only targeting Julio or if there were discussions with Cincinnati to trade up to number four to get Green.

The University of Georgia has eight-player that are projected to go within the first 200 picks. A large number of them are at a position that is a high priority for the Atlanta Falcons.

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