Top five greatest moments in Atlanta Falcons history

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The Atlanta Falcons have had their fair share of glorious moments over the franchises five and a half decades of existence.

The majority of the NFL fanbase would immediately point to the now emphasis “28-3” score, which, to be fair, will forever be apart of the Atlanta Falcons organization for the rest of the time. It was a defining moment that all Atlanta Falcons fans have had to live with for three and a half years now. It will never be forgotten, but it is important to note that this score does not define the organization.

There have plenty of grandiose moments thought the years that should not be overshadowed by that score. The Atlanta Falcons drafting Matt Ryan in 2008 signaled what was to come for a franchise that was in desperate need of some positivity. The 2001 NFL Draft that saw the drafting of Michael Vick is another key moment in time.

Coming off of an excellent collegiate career with the Virginia Tech Hokies, Vick was the right guy for the job. He became the most exciting player in the league in the early ’00s and helped to get the team back on track after faltering since their loss to the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl 33.

These are just two in a long list of great moments. There are obviously plenty of moments in time that could be considered defining moments for the franchise, but these five in particular that have been chosen are some of the most exciting, heart-stopping, and important moments in the history of the Atlanta Falcons.

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