Top five hip-hop albums of the Matt Ryan era (2008-present)

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Matt Ryan just turned 35 back in May and is getting ready to enter his 13th season in the NFL.

Believe it or not, Matt Ryan has been in the league for over a decade now, 12 years to be exact. He entered the NFL in 2008 and has left a huge mark on the Atlanta Falcons. Over the span of Matt Ryan’s career, there have been plenty of modern classics in the Hip-Hop world, ranging from fresh faces to old hit-makers.

Since 2008, when Matt Ryan was chosen to become the guy in Atlanta, the hip-hop landscape has evolved into arguably the most popular and commercially successful it has ever been. Like Ryan, the genre has evolved since 2008, branching out into many sub-genres, with trap music, originating from the south, becoming a commercial juggernaut over the last decade.

The genre as a whole continues to dominate charts thanks to its continued evolution and transformation. A vast number of modern classics have been produced throughout the last 12 years and like the Matt Ryan era of Atlanta Falcons football, the genre has been pushed to the highest success it has ever seen in its 40-45 years of existence, ultimately reaching milestones never thought possible.

This list will consist of five of what I think are the best hip-hop albums from 2008-present. If you disagree that is fine, obviously not everyone will agree with this list and many will think that this list is awful and the article as a whole is ridiculous and pointless.

Well to that I say you are welcome to hate this list. There is barely any NFL news going around right now, I love hip-hop, and I love talking about music, so there you have my reasons for writing this.

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